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Re: Whose End of the World?

Jul 27, 1997 11:18 AM
by Titus Roth

"JOSEPH PRICE" <> wrote:

> There seems to be several versions of the end of time or this cycle:\
> 1) Revelation of St. John in the Bible
> 2) Nostradamus
> 3) Mayan
> 4) Hindu
> 5) Jainist
> 6) Egyptian
> It seems that eschatology is required for a really good religious system.  
> Theosophy seems to be endlessly openended given us ever larger and more 
> complex cycles  ...... stop worry and PARTYING.... there is no end!

There may be no end, but if we don't utilize the energies of this cycle, there
may be long delays for meeting the upward pull of the next cycle.

Speaking of millenium cycles, Pluto will be moving outside the orbit of
Neptune in 1999. Ann Ree Colton thought this would be a pivotal time.  For the
astrologers out there: Has anyone else written about the significance of this
astrological event? No one on the astrology list I once subscribed to said
much about it.

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