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Re: What survives after death?

Jul 26, 1997 04:09 PM
by ramadoss

At 06:02 PM 7/26/97 -0400, JOSEPH PRICE wrote:
>American spiritualism was the real basis of the movement we call theosophy or 
>at least its prime motivator.  After the civil war, may wanted to contact the 
>dead through the seance room.  Blavatsky said that what was contacted was a  
>shell an amoral energy draining entity at best and should be left alone.
>I have had and intuition of the sutratma - the string of lives, before I read 
>anything about it.  This string may not really be individual.  I think the 
>vehicles, and jewels in Indra's nets are shuffled much more than we realize.  
>Like the gene pool, the lives and karmic assets - debts are dealt out as in a 
>lottery far more than theosophists want to believe.
>That is why you can get somebody like CWL.  He may have been very advanced on 
>the intuitional/buddhic level, but very lagging behind on the astral/sexual 
>level.  And let he who is without karmic debts throw the skandha!
>Keith Price
Some times I wonder if we should not "Let Dead bury the Dead" since we all
have so much problems in living our day to day lives.


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