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What Remains and What is Lost

Jul 23, 1997 08:34 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>I was always under the impression that the manvantara, whether it be
>terrestrial, solar, or universal, was not simply an inbreath which
>"cleared the chalkboard" and an outbreath which started the equation from
>square one.  I had thought that the events of the previous manvantara were
>saved on a hard drive, so to speak, with the hard drive being the innate
>desire of the Absolute to once again spew its seed into the vacuum of

Jaqtarin, you make a neat case here. But recall that with us human beings,
our "hard drive" is lost forever and only the "aroma" of the data remains
from life to life. So it is, I believe, with manvantaras. The intent of all
manifestation is, I believe, to manifest. Not to learn something.  Not to
improve something.  Not to "get" something--which would be, after all,
selfish, wouldn't it?.  

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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