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Re: KYm's opinion of ts-l

Jul 21, 1997 06:51 PM
by ramadoss

At 08:18 PM 7/21/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>In message <>,
> writes (in part)
>>Probably if you believe in manvantaras, slow pace does not at all matter. We
>>have all the time in the world to deal with important and critical issues
>>and we can pick up in the next incarnation.
>What a wonderful justification for doing nothing at all!
>Racism, sexism, injustice, hatred, bigotry - what do they matter on so
>vast a scale?  Let us leave them for a life or two, or maybe many lives
>or more.
>Huh! [For those who fathom me little, I am being sarcastic, but I am
>NOT, repeat, NOT, attacking Doss!]

Don't worry Alan! I have put on the virtual rhino skin and anything is going
to be difficult to penetrate -- except perhaps some of the armor piercing
special shells!

Speed is the essence of action. The adepts have solved the problems of
instant communication and instant transportation. Internet is coming close
to instant communication. Not to use it as such is "un pardonable", like
driving a car at 5 MPH. Clinging to the old ways of horse carriage like
communication defeats the purpose and surely the world is going to overtake
us in no time before we know it. Most of us have not much time left, so let
us move and move as fast as we can. Manvantaras can wait for us!


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