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Re: the point in the circle

Jul 18, 1997 09:45 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-07-18 03:43:09 EDT, Tim wrote:

> Their multidimensionality doesn't make their flaws any less worthy of 
>  condemnation. It's just that trying to reduce a complex individual to a 
>  single failing is not particularly good biography. It would be like 
>  saying that Blavatsky was a foul-tempered faker, pure and simple. She was 
>  those things, but whe was also so much more.

Racism as a failing is far more dangerous than being foul-tempered, IMHO.
Racism has led to genocide, slavery, and a host of other horrors. OTOH, I
have yet to hear of an individual with a foul temper as being the cause of
anything of this magnitude. Being on the receiving end of someone's foul
temper can cause just a moment's worth of pain or anger, whereas being on the
receiving end of racism can cause a lifetime of pain and rage. Just my $.02.


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