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Re: ts-l

Jul 18, 1997 09:43 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-07-18 04:46:59 EDT, Kym wrote:

>  >From response to Liesel's post:
>  > >Dear Kym,
>  > >
>  > >They actually delete material from a post, like flaming and bickering, 
> and
>  > >maligning other Theosophists ... stupidities of that sort. Any
>  Yes, I loathe censored material.  I want to hear all of what a person
>  wants to say - whether I disagree or not.  What someone considers worthy
>  of deleting may, to another person, be valuable insight.

Exactly my feelings. I agree with you 10000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMHO, no matter
how careful and objective someone may be, they must still operate through
their own personal filter, no matter how good their intentions.

<friendly snip>

>  What is of interest to one Theosophist is may not be of interest to
>  another.  I hope you do find happiness on ts-l, but I would never be
>  fulfilled on a list where what I could read was chosen for me.

My sentiments entirely. Good post, Kym!


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