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Re: TS-L?

Jul 17, 1997 09:48 PM
by ramadoss

At 11:32 PM 7/17/97 -0400, Tom Robertson wrote:
>Doss wrote:
>>At 06:28 AM 7/16/97 -0400, Tom Robertson wrote:
>>>I heard that this "Joan somebody" rules it with a iron hand, and that
>>>nothing she disagrees with has ever appeared on it.
>>Interesting info. I am sure that if this person is a paid employee of TSA,
>>then there may be others higher up behind her in helping her to *moderate*. 
>>Has anyone seen this person on theos-xxxx? May be it would be a good
>>experience for this person to visit and see personally how an un moderated
>>list works and works well.
>I was just kidding about Joan.  She is friendly and laid back and
>would probably be just the opposite of heavy-handed in moderating a
>list.  It would take quite a conspiracy theory (which, according to
>someone else whom I read recently, is "the sophistication of the
>unintelligent") to believe that she significantly "suppresses the
>seeking of truth."  

Glad to know that you are just kidding. Anyone affected by Theosophy is
fundamentally bound to be a self-thinking person with an open mind.

But sometimes when you have to function within the framework of an
organization,  there are limitations that one has to work with due to
various considerations. Also if a person is generally used to function in an
environment where the person is used to have total control, then it becomes
very difficult to have a real attitude change. Longer the person is used to
such environment, more difficult it becomes. I have seen this phenomenon
first hand with people I had interacted with. In any case, Joan has a very
demanding job to do and it is likely to become more demanding as more and
more subscribers start posting msgs and this is bound to happen over time.

As I have always said, everyone in the staff of Olcott is over worked and
are doing an outstanding job in a very difficult environment and having this
in mind, let us help to make their job not any more difficult.

If anyone at Olcott staff is reading this msg, let them pass it on to every
one in the staff.


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