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Everything is Art from the Boundariless Unity

Jul 15, 1997 05:29 PM

In meditation on this symbol, or in the physical act of consciously
drawing it, it is good to pause and consider the blank substrate wherein
the image will appear.
This is ritual art-making par excellence and has been practiced as such,
by diverse peoples in many cultures for centuries. In this context it is
a mystically potent Creation symbol and I believe it was thus included
in HPB's SD.I volume of Cosmogenesis.

I'd additionally refer you to the "Art of Tantra" and "Yogic Art" by
Akit Mookergee. These books are excellent and informed sources from
Hindu tradition that are only a short step away from the Theosophical

Hope that helps.

Keith:  I am a bit off-line, so to speak, but I want to respond to Mark's 
interesting post as I have thought that thesophy, religion, science and 
philosophy - stem from the source-root of the creative impulse of Bounless and 
Boundriless Unitive Consciousness, the ground of all our individual 
consciousness and the source of all Maya in manifestation, that is yet 
nonetheless very real to the beings, like me an you, in it.

Thus I have often suggested that HPB and her Secret Docrine a closer to the 
truth when they activate our unconscious desire to rejoin this unitive MIND.  
HPB is less close to the truth when it is taken to come from a physical book 
of Dzyan and channeled or inspired by Masters called Koot Hoomi (what a hoot!) 
and Moriya.

Thus, I believe she really made it all up the way Picasso made up Guernica, 
and Michelangelo made up the Sistine Chapels though they had books, history, 
and all that to inspire them.

I'll check you web page!


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