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Re: ts-l

Jul 17, 1997 07:58 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:48 PM 7/17/97 -0400, liesel f. deutsch wrote:
>>"Who" does the "editing?"
>>Do "they" actually delete material from an individual's post?  Do "they"
>>ever change the wording of one's post?  Have "they" ever refused to post
>>someone's writings?  How does one know what one can write and what one cannot?
>Dear Kym,
>They actually delete material from a post, like flaming and bickering, and
>maligning other Theosophists ... stupidities of that sort. Any objections? I
>don't have any at all. I think theos-l is getting to be one big waste of
>time, and I'm not contributing to it anymore.
>I don't know whether Joan, the ts-l moderator, ever refused anyone's
>writing, because the whole thing is only 2 or 3 weeks old. If you have any
>common decency, and a few spare brains in your head, you'll know what to
>write and what not to. It doesn't take any more than that. But you seem to
>be wanting to continually revolt against you don't know yourself what. I'd
>rather discuss things of interest to Theosophists, and I'm hoping ts-l will
>be a vehicle for that.
>Best wishes

Dear Liesel:

>From what I have seen, all successful maillists are on autopilot with no
human intervention. You see the person supporting the maillists lurking and
is seen only to take care of technical issues dealing with software problems
or the like not the content of any of the messages. 

For the first time in human history, Internet is the only really free medium
with no intervention of editorial or administrative control or editing or
censoring of any kind. Organizations which are used to control do find it a
very difficult medium to deal with as you lose control you are used to. Just
the fact that I am typing this msg and you and 100s of others are going to
read it is the typical example. Of course if someone wants it otherwise,
then it is their choice. Many do not participate or read the msgs on
Internet even though it is their duty to do everything to spread Theosophy.
It is like many who do not subscribe to newspapers and rarely read them, and
this kind of tendency has spread illiteracy in this country and elsewhere.
The older generation fade or die away and today's computer literate
generation succeed, they will see the real future and utility and
opportunity in using Internet as a medium for its speed and cost
effectiveness and world wide audience. May be we all have time to wait and
be patient.

I feel that this basic trend of Internet is not going to go away, at least
in this part of the world and as every man, woman and child is wired to
Internet. I would be looking forward to watching and participating in all
the developments, which I expect to be far reaching in its impact.


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