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Jul 17, 1997 05:30 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>"Who" does the "editing?"
>Do "they" actually delete material from an individual's post?  Do "they"
>ever change the wording of one's post?  Have "they" ever refused to post
>someone's writings?  How does one know what one can write and what one cannot?
Dear Kym,

They actually delete material from a post, like flaming and bickering, and
maligning other Theosophists ... stupidities of that sort. Any objections? I
don't have any at all. I think theos-l is getting to be one big waste of
time, and I'm not contributing to it anymore.
I don't know whether Joan, the ts-l moderator, ever refused anyone's
writing, because the whole thing is only 2 or 3 weeks old. If you have any
common decency, and a few spare brains in your head, you'll know what to
write and what not to. It doesn't take any more than that. But you seem to
be wanting to continually revolt against you don't know yourself what. I'd
rather discuss things of interest to Theosophists, and I'm hoping ts-l will
be a vehicle for that.
Best wishes

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