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Criticism and Internet

Jul 14, 1997 01:35 PM
by ramadoss

Internet is still in its very infancy. One of these days, it is going to be
a medium like telephone, fax etc but very very different. All the other
medium are subject to control directly or indirectly. But so far it has been
found that Internet is not.

One of the unique feature of Internet is its openness and easy access to
anyone with a connection. What this has done is cause a lot of soul
searching and perhaps heart aches for many organizations used to be run in
an autocratic manner and the ease with which the communication medium can be
controlled by the organization. Such medium are the traditional newsletters
and magazines.

Since Internet is not amenable to such traditional controls -- some have
tried censoring/moderating -- but not with much success in the larger
picture. So the openness is going to open up a whole pandora's box and all
the artifically erected walls are crumbling down. One of the things that
many have seen is the ease with which criticisms of God/god down to an ant
can be aired with ease. So we can expect more criticisms and more intense
ones down the road. (IMHO you have seen nothing yet, and what we have seen
is child's play.) Since there are many who feel that there is nothing sacred
about any individual or any idea, or anything tradition has considered
sacred, such criticism is very healthy. For Ages, lack of criticism has made
many avoid independent thinking and leaders have exploited those who cannot
independently think.  Ask any leader. They will tell you that independent
thinkers are the most difficult to deal with (and some times seen as very
dangerous too).

Criticisms are generally curtailed or avoided by various means. Fear of
man/woman or fear of retribution either in this world or hereafter (if you
believe in the latter.) Criticisms are also avoided by other financial or
intangible inducements. As the saying goes 

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