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Re: THEOS-L digest 1129

Jul 14, 1997 08:30 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to

Kym quoting Algeo:

> > like the Heaven's Gate organization.  Chief among those is the emphasis in
> > Theosophy on personal responsibility and freedom from authoritarian
> > dictation."  

There is indeed an emphasis in *Theosophy* on freedom from
authoritarian dictation.  But that has not prevented the
*Theosophical Society* from becoming an authoritarian and
dictatorial organization.  Or rather, an outwardly democratic
shell for an inner group that makes no bones about having an
authoritarian dictator at its head-- who just happens to also
be TS President.

Bart defending Algeo:
> 	Look, you know what John Algeo was talking about, I know what John
> Algeo was talking about, we ALL know what John Algeo is talking about.

If you think we all "know" the same thing, think again.  I know
that the TS is authoritarian and dictatorial despite all its
denials.  Do you?

> It's just that so many people here are so filled with unreasoning hatred
> that they feel it is necessary to twist his words around, so that they
> can pretend that he is saying something evil, because otherwise, they
> can't feel superior to him.

Back at ya, Bart.  You seem to be filled with unreasoning
hatred of critics of the TS leadership, and are IMO twisting
what Kym was saying in order to portray her in an evil light so
that you can posture yourself as superior to her (and us--
meaning those who don't buy Algeo's hypocritical claims about
the TS.)

I don't think you, Kym or Algeo is evil.  But Algeo's a
hypocritical control freak, you're a knee-jerk defender of an
indefensible organization, and Kym's somewhat lacking in


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