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Re: Thanks to Doss

Jul 12, 1997 06:45 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:22 PM 7/12/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>Thanks you Doss for posting the four-part file - I was beginning to
>think everyone had left the list forever!  I had rather expcted some
>feedback from a recent post of my own, but so far - nothing.  I hope all
>your hard work bears fruit.  After reading your files, I began to wonder
>[again] whether we ought not to start over with the entire theosophical
>concept.  Not a new thought for many of us, I know, and as always, if we
>wanted to do it, how would we begin? COULD we begin?  The Theosophy
>International venture might have given things a starting point, but so
>far not much has happened, even though there are now 73 people who have
>"signed up" since its inception.
>I think I shall retire to a darkened room and lie down ...


You are a very persistent and please add my name to TI and I am glad you
will do so.

Please don't retire to a darkened room and lie down ..... We need action and
do something.

When I was posting the HPB's msg on TS, it took some time. If just to post
took some time, I imagined how much time she should have taken her to write
it down in long hand. From time to time, it would be a good idea to go back
in time and visualize the conditions under which TS was chartered and it
would give some idea why such difficult conditions yielded so much results
which lasted so long. It also makes at least me feel very very humble.

In the msg, one of the things that is very striking was HPB's statement that
her  Teachers told her what *should* *not* be done. I wonder if there is
something in the archives about this. I believe if we could all know about
this, it could he very helpful. I also feel that it would also greatly
benefit the present and future elected leaders in guiding them.

I hope some of the things she discussed in the post may prod theos-l
subscribers to comment and discuss in the light of the current status as
well as what is likely to be in store in the next millenium.

                        There is no religion higher than Truth

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