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Thanks to Doss

Jul 12, 1997 05:46 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Thanks you Doss for posting the four-part file - I was beginning to
think everyone had left the list forever!  I had rather expcted some
feedback from a recent post of my own, but so far - nothing.  I hope all
your hard work bears fruit.  After reading your files, I began to wonder
[again] whether we ought not to start over with the entire theosophical
concept.  Not a new thought for many of us, I know, and as always, if we
wanted to do it, how would we begin? COULD we begin?  The Theosophy
International venture might have given things a starting point, but so
far not much has happened, even though there are now 73 people who have
"signed up" since its inception.

I think I shall retire to a darkened room and lie down ...


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