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Re: Masters Speak TODAY?

Jul 09, 1997 06:35 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "A. Safron"
<> writes
>This brings up the question I've always had.  How can all these Masters
>be speaking through these individuals with different tones, language and
>even information?  Who's got the real Masters?  Are these faux
>Masters really cast off floating astral bodies making mischief?  Or disembodied
>spirits masquerading as Coot Huumi?  Or any of the other dead-but-wise-
>guys on the invisible telephone?  Who can tell who is real out there?

Seeing that you asked ....

On the earth plane - the feet on the ground one - there are a great many
"Masters" of this or that, often bearing the letters M.A. or M.Sc. after
their names.  Some go on to become specialists in their chosen fields,
and we call them "experts" (if they're good enough).  In theosophical
jargon, but on a different plane or level, they are called "Masters"
after another manner.

In my humble but extensive experience, they ARE dead-but-wise-guys (or
gals) on the other end of an invisible telephone, to adopt your analogy.

However, in the same way as it's no use asking an expert on geology
questions about the feeding requirements of newts, we have to get to the
right source for the answers to the questions we have at the time of

IOW, I am saying that there ARE discarnate intelligences who can inform
us about all sorts of things (usually esoteric or spiritual, but
sometimes historical) - but NONE of them is all-wise, all-knowing, etc.,
etc.  There does not seem to be any "Inner government of the World" or
"Great White (Pink, Red, Black) Brother- or Sister- hood" or indeed any
hierarchy that we could recognise as such.

It does seem that they can refer us to another source if necessary when
the particular phone line doesn't have the info required.

As to how we go about doing this - well that's another story, and not
suitable (IMO) for a public forum such as this, as misunderstandings and
personalities would interfere something chronic.


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