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Re: Tolerance

Jul 04, 1997 12:34 PM
by ramadoss

At 03:20 PM 7/4/97 -0400, Titus Roth wrote:
>I don't have the exact message anymore, but Alan approximately said:
>There are many who possibly have a stall in the marketplace of Theosophical
>telepathic downpourings. (I hope I remembered right. Apologies, Alan, if
>I distorted it.)
>Bart asked:
>> Once again, are you going to include Elizabeth Claire Prophet?
>Doss answered:
>> If Prophet's writings appeal to someone, so be it. Every view point however
>> unacceptable to one's personal views should be tolerated. Tolerance is what
>> brings people together and we need all the help we can get from anyone and
>> everyone to get Theosophy to every man, woman and child.
>I think I see what you are getting at, Bart. Like Doss, I have an
>abstract ideal of tolerance, especially having been on the receiving
>end of intolerance. But your question does provoke some thought as to
>how far one should take tolerance and in what sense to apply
>it. Groups from small ones to nations have had to grapple with similar
>questions. For example, does one tolerate sado-masochistic images, or
>graphic images of child abuse or racist statements in the media - even
>if they are not acted out?
>Every group of people that come together to utilize their collective effort
>for something have to have some kind of focus and identity. If a member comes
>in with too divergent a vision from the common one, does it make sense to make
>the identity more tenuous and dilute the vision? Or perhaps is this divergent
>vision really a badly needed enrichment that everyone will incorporate after
>painful soul-searching? It could be either. The kind of basic honesty and
>discernment of the membership as a whole determines whether they will reject
>the former, but accept the latter.
>If an avatar is present in the group there is no problem. For example,
>Sri Yukteswar gave varying degrees of latitude as to how things
>functioned in his ashram. But on occasion, he would ask someone to
>leave. Enlightened tolerance.
>When the avatar dies the group seems to function well for a
>while. Eventually the core virtue becomes diluted. The group is left
>with lesser mortals such as you and I who are left with the difficult
>question as to what kind of tolerance is an enlightened tolerance.
>Life then becomes exciting.

Your points are well taken. I use some very simple rules to deal with
situations such as you describe.

First and foremost, I keep my own counsel and am ready for its consequences.

If anyone's views or actions, is likely to cause cruelty or injustice to
anyone, then I will under no circumstances will support it and will do what
I can to stop it.

Any action or view I see helping our fellow humans and other living
creatures, I will support at all times.

Any complicated analysis or justification is too complex for my simple mind
and intelligence. KISS principle appeals to me.


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