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Re: Definitions

Jul 04, 1997 08:13 AM
by ramadoss

At 07:47 PM 7/3/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>In message <>,
> writes
>>There have been some discussions about defining "Theosophical" terms. Once
>>we go beyond it and get involved in people and organizations, other terms
>>become important. Some of them may be slang and some of them may have unique
>>meanings depending on the context. It may be a good idea to mention a few
>>terms. A discussion of them by people who have encountered them in real life
>>may help newbees who are impressed by the lofty ideals of T/theosophy may
>>avoid some shocks when they run into these.
>>Here are a few terms:
>>        Theosophist
>1. A member of an "official" theosophical organisation with a particular
>message to offer.
>>        theosophist
>2. A student of "god-wisdom" [theo-sophia, from the Greek] who may or
>may not be a member of anything.
>>        Brotherly
>3. Togetherness as defined by someone in the 1. category.
>>        Unbrotherly
>4. Often used by 1. when others disagree, otherwise the usual notion of
>selfishness, particularly the male kind.  In 1. Theosophy "Sisterly" can
>be a hard word to find, and is sadly absent from Doss's (admittedly)
>incomplete list.
>>        Theosophical
>5. In agreement with or following the teachings of organisations like 1.
>>        theosophical
>6. Seeking divine wisdom from whatever source.
>>        untheosophical
>>        unTheosophical
>7. Not doing 6. or 5.
>Alan (Tongue ever so slightly n cheek)

M K Ramadoss:

Here is a quote from Ernest Wood's book "Is This Theosophy...?"

'But I saw no landing-place for the weary unwelcome foot of the white dove
of truth in the new interpretation of the Society's principle of tolerance:
"Thou shalt not find fault with a brother's views or activities." What a
convenience that sort of tolerance would be to lawbreakers in general, if
only it could be adopted in the outside world!' [This was written in 1936
before some of us were born!!!]

I had an interesting experience several months ago. When I discovered a well
known member was deeply involved as one of the defendants in a law suit by a
State Attorney General with very serious allegations of a financial nature,
and did not pass *my* *smell test* and suggested he relinquish an office he
was holding, a response not from him, but from another well known member was
that my action was "unbrotherly". Looks like even after six decades there
are some who follow the above philosophy that Wood describes. What a miracle!


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