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Selfish friction?

Jul 02, 1997 03:15 PM
by kymsmith

Keith wrote:

> Keith:  If one really believes in reincarnation, one would be sure to link
> together rather than continue selfish friction.  Chances are we will meet
> again, don't know where, don't know when ...
> Politics makes strange bedfellows, theosophy should make strange love!

Karma makes it imperative that we involve theosophy in politics,
employment, family life, human rights (as Patrick mentioned), health
care, etc. . .nothing is outside theosophy.  

What you consider "selfish friction," Keith, may be another person's
contribution to society - their sign that they care what happens to
other beings.

Theosophy is not some love fest, it's an active, living, breathing,
progressive movement.  It does not consist of robotic head nodders who
all think the same - nor should it.

I have learned from those I disagree with (in spite of the gigantean
pain) - learned from them what I never would have learned from someone
who agreed with me.

Let them/us speak. . .and be heard - for that is the foundation of


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