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Advancing Humanity

Jul 01, 1997 04:39 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Anna S.
Bjornsdottir & E.A." <> writes
>The biggest source of conflict may be in the multitude of conflicting
>definitions of Theosophy and the battling over what it really is. 
>Discussing "the multitude of conflicting definitions" is, as far as I see it, 
>the real issue of theosophical study, and should be the core subject of this 
>list IMHO, provided that we honor the "prime rule" of theosophical discussion - 
>If we acknowledge, every and all of us, that everyone is entitled to his own 
>view on every THEOSOPHICAL subject, having different views should enrich the 
>discussion, and make us all more tolerant and more open-minded. If we all would 
>try to understand one another, instead of fighting each other, trying to win the 
>battle at all cost, I would think that this list could survive and even fulfil 
>its true goal, enhancing global theosophical work.

While I agree that discussing conflicting definitions is necessary to
the undersanding of theosophical study, I do not see how it is the *core
subject* of this list, which is by its own definition intended for
general discussion of theosophical interest.

>flaws in historic figures is something of a side issue, and may at times
>be used to discredit what they wrote and therefore their variant of
>Theosophy, or used to discredit some claimed lineage of sponsorship by
>the Mahatmas. The petty fighting and useless friction is a negative byproduct,
>caused by human failings, like the smoke that surrounds the fire. There's
>sill something real and valuable going on, but it's not always apparent
>at first glance.

Alan: It is hardly a *side* issue if some of the things they wrote were
untrue; it is hardly a *side* issue if the claims made by their
historical (!) successors concerning their seeming squeaky clean purity
and virtue are show by *historical fact* to be unreliable to say the
least.  Those who wish to call it "petty fighting" and a "negative
byproduct" when unfortunate historical *facts* are presented only serve
to fuel the suspicion that theosophists are not as interested in truth
as they claim.
>Jeah,,, Don't Judge so ye......  Folks, The past is gone - what remains is only 
>in our own heads. Let's not fill our mind with gossip and judgements of the 
>past. Let's keep to the subject, - theosphy - and how to live it NOW, and let go 
>of the pesonalities of the past from HPB onwards. It is simply no concern of 

The Holocaust happened. It affected the history of the world, and the
"now" that we live in is better understood by knowledge of history.  HPB
and others began a theosophical "enlightenment" - and the same is true
of them and their work.  To say that such things are no concern of ours
is to bury our heads, ostrich-like, in the sand.

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