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Nucleus - a cutting edge!

Jul 01, 1997 00:52 AM
by Anna S. Bjornsdottir & E.A.

Hi there folks.

There seems to be a cutting edge here somwhere - cutting my messages, that is!
Here is the remaining part - I hope.



>>Maybe the only thing that would bring it back into public consciousness would 
>>be someone like Krishnamurti (but then he got out).
>I don't think he ever really got out. His writings sound like the mirror
>opposite to the version of Theosophy that Leadbeater espoused. K. was
>anti-hierarchy, anti-teacher, reductionist, etc. The philosophy was something
>like a Jungian shadow of Leadbeater's approach. That's why there may be
>such an appeal to his writings in the Adyar T.S., where Leadbeater's books
>are published. I don't want to go into a review of Krishnamurti at this
>point. He's not someone, though, that would help out the work of the Masters
>in introducing some of their philosophy in Western thought -- at least as
>I see it.
>As far as I see it, few if any have done the Theosophical Movement more favor than did Krishnamurti, when he dissolved the hystery of the messiah fever. He is my favorite "theosophist" defining theosophists as those that "live the theosphy", rather than those that pay dues to some organisation. This would place most of the best (or truest) theosophists outside of the socalled "theosophical movement" - But then this is strictly my personal view!
>>If ever we needed a precipitation of a letter from the Masters, it is now.  
>>Maybe if we all look under our beds.....    :)
>You never know where that letter might have come from! Phenomena may
>impress people and sway beliefs, but the goal is not to gather believers
>nor to tell people what to do. There will always be people, though, eager
>to tell you to believe in them and to do what they tell you to do. Where,
>then, do we look? That's hard to write about in a few words and not be
>misleading. The simplest saying is "look within," but it's not a simple
>introverted self-reflection apart from activity in the world. And it's
>not simple karma yoga of good deeds in the world. In a way it's like
>finding a sense of color in life when everything's been color-blind
>before. It's an individual search, though, and just as hard in finding
>as it is in finding one's unique way of sharing it in the world.
>As spoken from my own heart! Thak you Eldon. Thank you Keith.
>>Keith Price
>-- Eldon
>-- Einar.

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