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Re: THEOS-L digest 1111

Jun 29, 1997 12:47 PM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-28 19:49:43 EDT, Bart wrote:

> 	Well, that too. Actually, I have been arguing with the author of the
>  message in the list in which he originally posted. But I have been the
>  victim of having been quoted out of context in an area I had never
>  visited, been roundly torn apart, and, when I finally did show up, I
>  found a lynch mob waiting for me. I did not like it then, and I would
>  not like to see it happen to anybody else.

apropos only of this paragraph and not of the whole thread...

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't like that either. ;-D


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