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Re: Suggestions

Jun 28, 1997 02:14 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Hi
> Here is a msg which I think has some very good suggestion. Please feel free
> to comment.

	In this message, there is an unflattering reference to something that I
had said. Those who had not read the original will be automatically
prejudiced, especially since the letter you quote clearly shows a
misunderstanding of what I said (it was a "what if?" type question, on
how the revelation of perfectly truthful information can have bad
effects on a perfectly innocent person; I just used John Algeo's name in
a f'rinstance sense). But the people here do not have the advantage of
having read my original letter.

	Would you like it if I quoted a letter here that said, "since Doss has
admitted to despoiling young goats in his last letter"?

	Bart Lidofsky

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