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to Lynn re Jocelyn Elders

Jun 28, 1997 00:00 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Lynn,

I didn't in the least want to imply that you didn't like Jocelyn Elders. I
thought you did. So I don't think in the least I need to apologize. Nobody
has apologized to me yet for dragging CWL through the mud repeatedly.

RE teaching masturbation in the schools. I think you're right that it
shouldn't be mandatory. It's one of those areas that's really private, even
though teaching it is meant to prevent teen mothers, which is a very public
issue, involving lots of tax money. I think it should be a choice the
parents and kids make. I'm including it at the choice of the kids too,
because some parents don't give a hoot one way or the other, and some kids
might, and I'm with CWL, if they masturbate they'll not make babies.


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