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Year 2000 software issue

Jun 26, 1997 08:52 AM
by Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D.

from <>:

>In the very old story of Chicken Little, or perhaps the Boy Who Cried
>the heroes came to realize too late that the most precious thing in the
>is credibility.  Once you lose that, people never believe in you again.

> ...
>If all this (!) about the computer industry falling apart in eighteen
>were really true, don't you think for example that we could all be sued
>gross and inexcusable professional negligence?  If it were true, you
bet we

1. There is going to be a HUGE problem in 922 days.  I know it,
anyone who has crafted production code and debugged enterprise
systems knows it.   The debate is over.  It was on the cover of
Newsweek a couple weeks ago.   Yes, there were a few letters from
the clueless wondering about the seriousness of the problem.

Say this statement to yourself, "Anyone, everyone who has crafted
production code and debugged enterprise systems knows that there
will be a HUGE problem."

If you haven't done this kind of work, please do not attempt to
understand the problem.  Accept that it is happening and stay out
of the way of those who can work on it.

2. There isn't enough time, programmers, money, hardware, to fix
and test all the systems in 922 days.  It could be done in 10-15
years but we don't have the time.

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