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Re: child abuse

Jun 22, 1997 11:01 PM
by Tom Robertson

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997 21:37:30 -0400 (EDT) (liesel f.
deutsch) writes:

>Tom said

> what's the big deal, anyway?

>I think any time a child is being abused, it's a big deal, you as a
>child are no exception to me. For one thing children often can't help
>themselves. For another they're often harmed. Maybe you've outgrown
>and/or dealt with whatever happened to you, but many people have a
>difficult time.

>I had a friend once who had a very loveless childhood. The only one
>who loved her was her grandpa whose life was just as loveless, so he
>abused her. They both got a little warmth. What a time she had with
>herself. She loved and abhorred her grandfather at the same time. It
>was like a dog trying to bite its tail.

I was referring specifically to the worst that CWL might have done, which
doesn't seem all that bad to me, as I have never heard anyone accuse him
of forcing anyone to do anything.  I don't see the harm that a child can
be caused in a sexual context if nothing is done against his or her will.

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