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Re: Impersonality & Arguments

Jun 22, 1997 08:13 PM
by kymsmith

Patrick wrote:

>One can learn much from argument styles
>.. those interested in solutions focus on impersonal principles
>.. those with ulterior motives make things personal

I am sure you and some others on this list consider yourselves being in the
first category - but when you and others, for example, compare liberals to
Nazis - knowing full well who on this list are liberals - and knowing full
well it's a falsehood - you and others like you KNOW it will be taken

The hatred for the poor, the disadvantaged, the non-Theosophists, etc. .
.that I have heard expressed lately on this list doesn't bring to mind
manners as my first priority.  I take it personal when I hear racism,
sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and other such views spewed in rabid

Getting things done sometimes requires naming names or directly facing
someone. Even your above post is a personal attack - despite whether you
have the courage to acknowledge it or not.

I consider most of the views you and others like you on this list hold as
nothing less than dangerous - dangerous to Theosophy and dangerous to
certain members of humanity.

Some people don't go along to get along - and prefer the direct approach.
If I read something I consider rank, I'll directly confront the author of
it.  I expect the same from them.  I will continue to do the same with you -
if you don't want to continue to read my posts - so be it.  But I'll never
let something go if I think it stinks. . .'course, lately, due to the
multitude I've had to pick and choose to challenge only the worst offenders.
. .you, Patrick, being one of them.

When you say you agree with some garbage that Tom or somebody else has
written, you are as guilty as Tom or the somebody else in spreading the
hatred and misunderstanding.

I can live with myself much, much better knowing I've possibly insulted you
than knowing I remained silent.


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