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RE: Theosophy

Jun 22, 1997 07:29 PM
by Anna S. Bjornsdottir & E.A.

Einar here.

Since I am pretty familiar with the seminars at Naarden, I think that I might have some words on this one.
As it seems that Eugen has been invited to the Seminar at Naarden this year, I assume that it has been on the behalf of the European Federation of the TS, which apart from being the sponsor of the seminar is the coordinator for the contacts in Eastern Europe and Russia.
I have during the past few years (actually since before the breakdown of the Iron Curtain) had the privilege to meet a lot of people from Eastern Europe at Naarden and elsewhere, most of them by the invitation of the EFTS.

I suggest that Eugen should contact the EFTS, which has funds for this purpose and have been sponsoring quite many to come to its seminars in Naarden and elsewhere in Europe. They have also been traveling throughout Eastern Europe with Theosophical seminars and talks.
If the EFTS is not able to help (the funds are tragically limited), then it may be worth trying to call on some of the European Sections for help.
If someone wants to help Eugen, then I suggest that s/he should do it through or in cooperation with the EFTS.

The Chairman of the EFTS is:
Miss Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu
67 Rue des Pommiers,
F-45000 Orleans, France.
Tel/fax: +33-38 84 36 97


Eldon Wrote:


I got the following message today and was wondering what others
might suggest.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the request in this
message? (for scholarships/financial support for people from
poorer countries to attend theosophical conventions)

-- Eldon

>Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 03:15:46 +0300
>From: Eugen Matota <>
>Subject: Theosophy
>X-MDMail-Server: MDaemon v2.5 rA b1 32R
>Dear Sir,
>>From the beginning, sorry for my English, I'm writing from Romania,
>where everybody's speaking Romanian...
>I'm very interested in Theosophy and, finding your message on the Net, I
>decided to send you this email because I hope you can help to find an
>answer to my problem.
>I don't intend to take to much of your time, so I'll be short:
>I've been invited to attend to an International Seminary in Holland, at
>The International Theosophical Centre in Naarden.
>But I'm living in a country where the ticket to Amsterdam ($400)
>represents half of the income for the whole year. Well, that's it..
>So, to be really short, I wonder if you could give an idea:  what to do
>to receive a sponsorship. Is there a way to act in this kind of
>I will be very happy if you'll give me a hint.
>Your sincerely,
>Eugen Matota

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