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Re: militias

Jun 21, 1997 04:15 PM
by Tom Robertson

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997 14:42:15 -0400 (EDT) JRC <>

>	It isn't "liberals" who have told me I was a tool of satan for
>studying HPB, cursed me as a killer for believing in a woman's right to

To be consistent with that logic, Timothy McVeigh should have had the
"right to choose," also.

>fired a good friend of mine because she was gay, bombed 2
>clinics in Montana, and want prayers to the Christian god recited at
>school functions. It was self-righteous conservatives.

It was liberals who, in the name of the "separation of church and state,"
want to remove all religion, spirituality, and morality from the schools.
 There may be a tiny minority of conservatives who want to insist that
the Christian God be prayed to, but the large majority of them simply
want the freedom to pray to whomever they want.  The liberals don't want
children to have such a "right to choose."

>And they aren't  interested in making themsel;ves feel good - more like
>making sure anyone who doesn't believe as they do feels bad ... >Seems
like whenever conservatives talk about "basic human rights" it >means the
ones *they* define

By whose definition should they go, if not their own?  You are here, by
implication, advocating purely arbitrary subjectivism, assuming that
everyone's idea of basic human rights is equally valid.  The problem with
that approach is that basic human rights have objective existence, and
the validity of each individual's perception of them depends on how
accurately they have perceived them.

>	A gay couple making love in Montana is committing a felony.
>This, I suppose, is the conservative notion of "rights" - "You have
>the basic human right to do anything our reading of the Bible tells you
>you can ... anything else may get you imprisioned".

I thought liberals criticized conservatives for making the mistake of
taking the worst examples from a group and closed-mindedly assuming all
individuals of that group shared the same bad qualities.  There probably
are some conservatives who go too far in imposing their values like that.
 But it is just as valid to portray all liberals as bloodthirsty killers
as Hitler and Stalin were as it is to suggest that all conservatives want
to to put gay people in prison.

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