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Re: Vehicles

Jun 17, 1997 08:11 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>>> writes

>>Gee, two seems so limiting.  I prefer seven, which I also
>>recognise from practical work and experience.  Its all a
>>matter of how one defines "soul."
>How about one of the [maybe] two vehicles composed of seven parts?
>Alan :-)

Adding to the confusion, I might mention the three upadhis. It's
said that the seven principles can be broken apart into three
functioning vehicles of consciousness -- the upadhis -- and that
any other manner of breaking them apart would result in death.
To go into this subject in any detail, though, would result in
bringing in a large amount of materials and require many pages
of writing. (Jerry S. is well aware of this -- we exchanged
article-length postings on the subject on theos-l two to three
years ago.)

-- Eldon

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