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Re: Militias - to Lynn

Jun 17, 1997 02:10 PM
by Wildefire


I'm replying to parts of this in separate messages to reduce the potential
length of any one message.

In a message dated 97-06-16 20:23:56 EDT, Kym wrote:
(quoting me here)

> >First of all, have you read the literature of "most" militias or are you
>  >basing your remark on what you've heard in the traditional news media?
>  Yes, I have read the writings of most militia groups.  I was employed by a
>  particular organization in Idaho, where I live, as an assistant to the
>  Housing Director about two years ago.  There was a landlord, a member of
>  militia, who was evicting a Jewish family.  The Jewish family claimed it
>  due to anti-Semitism.  After an investigation it concluded that it was,
>  indeed, a case of racism.  In order for us to help this family, we needed
>  compile an enormous amount of information on militias. I was unlucky
>  to have ended up being assigned as the one to read the "literature" of
>  militias.
>  Not all militias are racist, but I stand by my statement that most are -
>  I have based it on the information provided by the militias themselves.

I'll won't continue to challenge your statement here because I haven't read
the literature of "most" militias. Also I'll give you the benefit of the
doubt that

a) you somehow had a list of *all* militias in the U.S. and somehow also knew
for certain that the list included all militias or nearly all of them;

b) that you were able to contact and receive literature from such a sizeable
percentage of *all* militias that you were able to say that you received
racist information from *most* militias.

Granted, this is the benefit of a rather big doubt, but I'll concede on that
point if you say that both a and b are true.


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