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insults to jews

Jun 16, 1997 04:19 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>There are NO, I repeat, NO parallels between what happened to the Jews and
>what is happening with the militias.  This is AN INSULT to the Jewish
>people.  My god.
>>In a nutshell,
>No comment.

As a Jew who's been insulted more than once in lots of different ways, let
me tell you -all that this one doesn't grab me as being insulting, at all,
at all, rather I think the truth is that militias are just as Fascist as
Nazis. All Fascists tend to be racist. The Italians not quite as violently
as the Germans, but when they killed somebody because they were Jewish, the
person was dead, no matter how or what. And if an Iranian Jew got tangled up
in this mess, well then, maybe the Iranian Jew ain't wrapped too tight. Why
else would (s)he work towards their own destruction?


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