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Jun 16, 1997 03:16 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

I have let the past five or so digests go by unread; knowing
just by the headers that the posts would be by and large not
worth reading (IMO) and containing silly arguments.

I read today's and confirmed that judgment, with such howlers
as: Tom saying Jimmy Carter would have "laid down our weapons"
in the struggle with the Soviet Union.  Tom, are you under 25?
Anyone who is older than that should know that the military
buildup of the 1980s, and the increase of tension with the
Soviets, *began* under Carter after several years of detente
under the Republiicans.  The Olympic boycott was symbolic of
this.  Or the statement that "Besant supported CWL" in the case
of the boys' claims of sexual abuse.  She was deeply involved
in the proceedings that led to his resignation from the society
in 1906 and publicly condemned him.  Two years later she let
him back in, but never endorsed what he had been doing.  Or the
statement that all he was doing was advising masturbation.  He
*admitted* doing more than this, and it's all there in the
record.  Finally, "standard practice" in British public schools
for boys to be instructed in masturbation by their
schoolmasters?  What is your source for this assertion, Bart?

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