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Re: Militias

Jun 15, 1997 02:24 PM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> Most militias are racist - all one need do is read their literature.

     That statement is completely FALSE

     ...most militias have an oath the same as the U.S. president and
military to protect and serve the U.S. Consittution and Declaration of
Independence.  The VAST majority of militia participants are there
because they believe in freedom ans inalienable rights for all.

> There are NO, I repeat, NO parallels between what happened to the Jews and
> what is happening with the militias.  This is AN INSULT to the Jewish
> people.  My god.

     Woa...the violation of basic rights is an exact parralell and the
slaughter at Waco and murder at Montana is a prelude of what would be
done if could be...


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