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How stats work

Jun 14, 1997 07:10 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

Referencing stats as to evaluating a particular issue or law is a tricky
     ...for example on gun control such factors as how many life's were
saved or crimes prevented by people owning and using guns should be
considered but has not been in most studies.  The last one I heard about
in the USA which included this found I believe that 3 times as many
crimes were prevented as committed by citizens using guns (there is also
the factor as to whether the gun was legally or illegally owned and the
training of the owner that has bearing on this...).  There are many ways
to massage this of course...but for example if in the UK people did own
guns then perhaps the crime rate would drop to 1/3 of what it
for thought on how these stats work.


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