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Eureka, My intuition has allowed me to master this listserver

Jun 14, 1997 01:16 AM
by caruanar

Hello My name is richard caruana from sydney australia.
I am writing on behalf of gladney oakley who is intereted in people who
may be able to offer help/suggestions towards indexing various theosophical
journals and placing them on CD-rom for libraries and/or listing on the
Presently, Blavatsky Lodge in Australia has a bookshop website
If anyone is interested please let me know, I don"t think I shall be snowed
under with replies but I shall make an earnest attempt to co-ordinate things
if there are a lot of replies. My first thought was to form a web-page
cataloguing what has been done and what needs to be done. This idea is in
the pipeline so stay tuned...
kindest regards

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