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Re: Weapons

Jun 12, 1997 11:52 PM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote:

>The more people have weapons, the more weapons will be used by people,
>usually against other people.  Not very "theosophical" IMO.

I agree with you on this issue, Alan.

To declare, as a T/theosophist, that I love humanity, work for and toward
peace and understanding, and then go on and reckon that it is necessary to
pack heat - just in case - seems a bit schizophrenic to me. I betcha the
"Buddha," "Jesus," "Ghandi," and other Way-show-ers couldn't hit the broad
side of a barn.

Nonetheless, it often seems like the only sure protection is a gun.  People
are tortured and murdered every day crying out for protection from God,
their Mothers, their Fathers, their countries.  Guns, though, don't abandon
us in our hour of need.  We only have to reach for them and what is
threatening us often backs down.

Guns are our symbol of Fear, I think. Sometimes I feel I'm a blockhead for
not carrying a gun - but I also feel if I ever do pick up a gun, fear has
triumphed.  Freedom to me is simply no longer being afraid.

And I hope more than anything, that if my moment of death turns out to be
one that could have been prevented if I had had a weapon, I do not curse
myself too harshly.


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