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Re: Disclosure statement?

Jun 12, 1997 07:45 PM
by Tim Maroney

K. Paul Johnson asks:

>1. Do you want or need some explanation from an author of his
>own affiliations or biases?
>2. Does an author owe this to readers, or is it none of their

I was just wondering that myself, as I am starting to take mental notes
on a Crowley book and my long and unpleasant experience with O.T.O. would
make it difficult for me to discuss the group objectively. I have to say
that your paragraph does strike me as somewhat awkward but it serves a
valid purpose. In this postmodern world, one does expect a sophisticated
text to be reflexive and aware of its own origins. Attempting to conceal
one's personal interests would be false and could be interpreted as a
conspiratorial attempt to disguise an agenda.

I wonder what more graceful approach to disclosure might be possible? It
might be best to personalize the narrative more extensively throughout,
so this doesn't seem like an intrusion; or, if it is to remain an
intrusion, to call it out as such: "Cayce has inspired a wide variety of
emotional responses and I have my own strong feelings about him. To help
the reader interpret my own necessarily personal view, a bit of
background may be in order..."

Tim Maroney

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