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Jun 11, 1997 05:48 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

The problem with owning guns, I think is that when you own one you tend to
shoot with it. I guess I can see that if you're absolutely stable and sane,
a gun isn't a danger, but if a slap happy kid, or someone who isn't wrapped
too tight gets a hold of it, nasty things sometimes happen. The law also
tells you what you may or may not do with your car, and that's a possession,
so why not regulate guns which are just as lethal as cars?

As for the drug laws, there I'm on the opposite end. I think we'd avoid a
lot of grief if we made drugs legal. Then let addicts get their doses
legally, in decreasing amounts, if possible, but so that they wouldn't have
to lie & steal all the time to get their next fix. Then the pushers would be
A) out of business and b) would stop trying to hook little kids, or any
other new customers. There's no more preohibition, but there's still an
alcohol problem, but at least noone is dying or going blind because they
drank wood alcohol, and I think the problem was worse during prohibition.
Many people drank alcohol anyway, just the way many people take coke anyway.
I think legalizing drugs would improve things.


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