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lost mail

Jun 12, 1997 03:15 PM
by HermesTris

I am very sorry, but due to a mistake I lost all of my e-mail of the last few
If there is anybody out there, who wrote me and didn't get a reply, please
mail me again.

Also all of the stored listings are gone, so, now I 've just the number 233
of  Theos-Buds-Digest. Maybe somebody is so friendly to remail me some of the
last issues of the last month.

All of you, who did'nt got the message:
The theosophical group "HERMES TRISMEGISTOS" in Saarland (Germany) has her
own Homepage. The URL is:       e-mail-adress:

We are very interested in contacts with other people, who are also interested
in theosophy.

Thanks for your patience. Johannes.

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