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Re: Militias

Jun 11, 1997 12:36 PM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-10 04:30:04 EDT, you write:

> >Here in Texas, USA, last year they passed a law permitting citizens to
>  >concealed weapons.
>  >
>  >..........doss
>  Shame.
>  Alan


What could ever be shameful about people being able to decide for themselves
whether they can carry the means to defend themselves? (There are already
laws, with which I agree, against committing aggression against another
regardless of whether one uses a gun or one's fist.) Personally, I find it
outrageous that others (the gov't) feel that they have the right to decide
whether I may or may not have the ability to defend my own life, family, and
property. IMHO, no one has the right to make that decision for another.

Just a passing thought. I find gun control laws (and all laws that regulate
the possession of "things") as an interesting manifestation of the human
obsession with "things" vs. causes and the mistaken idea that, by eliminating
or regulating the availability of a "thing", a certain problem will be
solved. Drug laws are another example of this. By saying this, I'm trying to
tie this in more closely with theosophical issues, but haven't done a very
good job of it. Anyone who's willing, though, please feel free to take this
nucleus of an idea and run with it. ;-D



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