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Jaqi's issue

Jun 07, 1997 10:55 AM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

Hello from Ensenada,B.C. Mexico.

I think i have some idea' for Jaqi's problem (It won't correct the
problem, but she can comunicate it much better)

You have divulgated well the problem in US Humanitarian agencies, press,
etc etc etc.
I do not know if this will help, but give it a try:
In Mexico, the best reporter magazine is called PROCESO. is a magazine
on every issue, and is read in ALL MEXICO, as well than in another
countries, especcialy US. They made in the last issues, some (how is
called "reportaje" in english"?) "reportajes" (investigations,
divulgations, i don't know the exact word) in paramilitary militias, and
on the facist "Colonia Dignidad" (sort of a type of David Koresh cult)
in Chile. you should give it a try. they (PROCESO) are the best
qualificed journalist in whole Mexico, the most imparcial and the
director of PROCESO (Julio Schrer) has won some prizes. the weekly
magazine has reporters in US. you should give it a try.
I don't have right now the adress of the magazine, i'll post it monday
if you are interested.Or maybe you don't want publicity. you have the
option of being private, i think you have. but if you want to everybody
know of the problem, perhaps you can give this info to the best and also
best known magazine in all Mexico. you can reach a very large area of
pepole, many of them will be very solidarized with you, i can assure.
that's the thing why i like my pepole. all of them are very solidary.
very propense to give a helping hand.
Just make your friend know of this. Think about it and you can tell me
later. I'll keep in touch.

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