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unity in diversity among theosophists

Jun 06, 1997 11:51 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

>thought I should share my fundamental approach, even though at times I may
>seem to be critical.

Dear Doss,
I think you're entitled. We say each one is to explore and make up his/her
own mind as to what of theosophy they can accept, and what isn't compatible
with their own mode of being. Your Kishna-j, to me, is an offspring of
Theosophy. I've said that before. I think he says many of the same things in
a different way, but it's based on theosophy. It depends on whose vibes you
resonate with. Your vibes resonate with Krijshna-j, mine with CWL and AB,
Patrick's with AAB. We still all speak of things we all comprehend. Please
do express yourself, and add to the richness of our network's fabric.


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