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Re: Occultism vs Sex

Jun 05, 1997 08:57 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-06-05 20:39:11 EDT, you write:

>Chuck, I think you are correct, but I was trying to be kind.  Having
>no self-indulgence is kind of a goal, like self-actualization, that
>can be ever striven after, but never fully attained.  For every guru
>or Adept who teaches against marriage, you can also find one
>who says it doesn't matter, so this too is subjective and
>depends on the individual.  What I really object to is the Masters
>use of the word "incompatible" which I think is very misleading.


One wonders what the Masters were drinking when they came up with that one,
or was it written right after KH had an argument with his fourth wife?

Chuck the Heretic

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