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Silence not assent

Jun 05, 1997 01:45 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

As a general rule, I don't think it's ever safe to assume that
because a Theosophist doesn't express disagreement, s/he must
therefore agree with a statement.  There have been plenty of
things said here that I didn't agree with, but who cares?

It's been a good spiritual discipline for me to be in a Search
for God group where sometimes people express the most bizarre
(to me) beliefs about all manner of topics.  Not often does it
feel right to point out that I don't share said beliefs; if
people want my opinion they will usually ask.  Most of the things
people say here about Masters and world teachers etc. are in the
same category.  It wouldn't benefit me or them to comment, though.
Besides, I've commented enough on the subject here for one
lifetime, at least.

Only when it seems beneficial to the group or the individual at
hand do I think it's worthwhile to disagree.  If the only point
is for me to vent my opinions... probably best to do so later,
with someone who shares the same POV.

That said, I somehow missed the post by Svein that raised the
question whether we all agreed.  Can anyone point me to the
right day to find it in the archives?


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