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Re: Future of TS

Jun 04, 1997 08:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:31 PM 6/4/97 -0400, Bart Lidofsky wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> Hi
>> Here is an excerpt from Ernest Wood's book " Is this Theosophy..?".
>> Ernest Wood had first hand knowledge of TS and was also one of the
>> instructors for Krishnaji. Some will find it interesting.
>	Michael Gomes (who STILL has yet to give me the source of his
>Krishnamurti monetary information) tells me that we have a copy of "Is
>this Theosophy..?" in the reference section of the NYTS library (meaning
>that it's not available for loan, but anybody who comes here can read it
>	Bart Lidofsky

Thanks for the information. Anyone living in NY can read the book at NYTS.

Some time ago, Jerry Eakins offered to make a photocopy of the book for a
very nominal cost and some of us took him on his offer and are happy that we
have a copy to read.

Just thought I should mention this.


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