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Jun 04, 1997 07:25 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

I apologize for not taking part in the discussions lately, but something
very disturbing has been brought to my attention.  I thought perhaps you
would all like to hear about it.  It is one of the many horrors that
people face today, however, I'm not so sure that many people are aware of
the horror.

I've just recently learned that a militia has formed just a few miles away
from the town I live in.  I guess I shouldn't say it "has formed" because
I understand that it has been here for a while.  This militia does not
help the National Guard when needed.  It doesn't fight for the people,
(however much it might say otherwise).  On the contrary, it sells drugs to
buy guns.  White supremecy prevails in their social ideals.  If you don't
believe in their cause, they'll threaten you, or assault you physically
(to the point of hospitalization, as my friend was recently), or just kill
you.  They are what we call a "counter-patriot" militia.  Below is a
letter from another friend of mine who has also had the unfortunate
experience of getting on the militia's "bad-side".

"Is militant oppression alive and well in America?

I live in mortal terror every minute of every day, knowing that my and
other's dream of freedom can be taken away by an oppressive militia.

Go out and ask your neighbor, "Hi, have you heard of a militia around
here?"  They will look at you strangely and say, "There's no militia
here."  Almost all of them will be telling you the truth, but there is a
small percentage who know and will lie to you, and an even smaller
percentage who know and won't.

There is no militia here?  Let's see ...big guns, small guns, automatic,
semi-automatic, rockets, night vision devices, explosives, camoflauge's all here.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the second amendment to protect ourselves
from violence.  Most of us still do a pretty good job with it, but some of
us would like nothing more than to live our lives in peace, go to work and
dream of our pursuit of happiness.

Instead it goes more like this.  Sleeping in bed with your loved ones when
noises outside wake you up.  Big motors and loud voices near your house,
a banging on your door, yelling outside.  You stumble to the door in fear
and confusion, swing the door open and step out to find a band of
camouflage-clad people moving like shadows in the faint light of the porch
or the moon.  Gas fumes permeate the air and you are struck a solid blow
which sends you reeling.  Another knocks you unconscious or nearly so.  As
the blackness comes on you wonder where your family is and if they got
away while you don't even know if you will wake back up ...ever!

Those who do, and the families of those who don't, wonder, "Why?"  Where
were our rights then?  There was no way they could have stood against
them, for it you immobilize one, two more stand before you, ready to do
the same thing for no other reason than being different.

What is it that can control as large a number of people as we see today,
ready and willing to protect the Constitution of the United States.  Not
the one which our forefathers died for, but the one they made in their own
interpretation of it ...the one without the Blacks, Spanish, Chinese,
Japanese, homosexuals, "freaks" as they would call them, or their

How blind I was to the realities of that life, until I had to witness some
people who lived with the problems and the fears of being different from
the day they were born to the day they would die ...maybe the next minute  Well, maybe the next.

Militant oppression.  It is the most terrifying hopelessness I have ever
known.  You go to the police and hear, "Well, we're sorry but we don't
know of any militia around here, especially oppressive militia," or "I'm
sorry, but that is a matter for the FBI."  You go to the FBI and hear,
"There is no militia in this state," except for the few, where the
oppression has become public....Oklahoma, Montana, Texas.  The rest have
to live in the terror of becoming the next incident that will awaken the
people of the state.  Unfortunately, for those in terror, it is usually
stopped by a direct threat, or a bullet, or a fire.

A message from CAMO
Citizens Against Militant Oppression  (June 4, 1997)"

CAMO is a result of the lack of help which my friends and I have received
from the law-enforcement/government agencies which were contacted about
the problem.  We are hoping that perhaps the people will listen if the
government won't.  Hopefully, the government WILL listen if enough people
speak out against it.

Please forgive me for my sudden disappearance from the list (I'll still be
here to try to read some of the posts, but I doubt I'll have time to
respond), I have the feeling I'm going to be very busy for a while.


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