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Jun 04, 1997 04:02 PM
by ross martin

    About a week ago, as my e-mail was quiet, out of curiosity I subscribed
to this list. For the last year I have been on the Krishnamurti list and for
many years have been interested in what he had to say re the process of
thought. Until joining that list, I hardly ever discussed so-called
spiritual matters, and in hindsight I probably resembled a hermit
spiritually. Though I knew of K's previous involvement with the Theosophical
society, what he had to say and what I felt, seemed more important than his
history. Originally I attempted to mould my life according to what he said,
but maybe because of the meaningless of such efforts, the demands to be like
him faded. Other than contributing e-mail, in daily life I have no interest
in discussing K etc, unless the other shows interest, which normally is not
the case.  My involvement with the K-list began like my joining this list,
from curiosity while surfing the net. I must admit a certain surprise that K
is referred to frequently in posts on your list, and I have probably heard
almost as much about his history in one week as I read before joining these

           Recently Tom replied,

<<<< >Hello
>Here is an excerpt from a recent book by Mary Lutyens on >Krishnamurti,
where she discusses the issue of Celibacy. I think it is a >very
interesting point of view.

>in the act of sex there is a forgetting of oneself, one's problems and
>one's fears. In that act there is no self at all."

Krishnamurti said the darndest things.  If sex is a forgetting of self,
why are people so selfish about it?  He might as well have said that in
taking crack cocaine, there is a forgetting of self, since the pleasure
of the drug makes one lose sight of self.>>>>>>

             That statement always seemed strange as the pursuit of sex
always appeared  to be self-motivated. Maybe, he is referring to that
fleeting moment of climax, before recollections begin.

              What is even more strange to me, is that though that is seen
as "the dardest thing", a lengthy post by Sveinn, relating to the coming of
the Exalted one, appears to be accepted by others, with hardly any comment.
Am I to assume that others on the list have similar beliefs.

<<<< Jim wrote:
>Some theosophists are so strict on this that they do not accept anything
after >HPB's death;

Jim, - tell them to wake up.
The Arhats will be with us in the next century, and then they will give us
more teaching than ever before. And that will in time lead to this:

        "Now in those days, brethren, there shall arise in the world an
Exalted One by name Metteyya ( the Kindly One ), an Arahant, a Fully
Enlightened One, endowed with wisdom and righteousness, a Happy One, a
World-knower, the peerless Charioteer of men to be tamed, a Teacher of the
devas and mankind, an Exalted One, a Buddha like myself.
        He of his own abnormal powers shall realize and make known the
world, and the worlds of the devas, with their Maras, their Brahmas, the
host of recluses and brahmins, of devas and mankind alike, even as I do now.
        He shall proclaim the Norm, lovely in its beginning, lovely in its
middle, and lovely in the end thereof. He shall make known the wholly
perfect life of righteousness in all its purity, both in the spirit and in
the letter of it, even as I do now.
        He shall lead an Order of Brethren numbering many thousands, even as
I do now lead an Order of Brethren numbering many hundreds."

                        D.N. iii. 76

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