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Re: research question

Jun 04, 1997 00:41 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-03 11:04:42 EDT, Alan wrote:

(quoting me where I quoted his response to Titus)
>  >>  Not scholarly on this one, Titus!  I wold comment, however, that from
>  >>  outside viewpoint, there could be said to a number of theosophies, not
>  >>  all of which are in 100% agreement, on the surface at least.  My own
>  >>  specialist area is Kabalah, which is *a* theosophy, but different in
>  >>  some respects from HPB and other theosophies.  And my Kabalah is
>  >>  different in some respects from that of other Kabalists.
>  >
(where I chimed in)
>  >Well, as I saw mentioned on the awesome Icelandic TS Web site (thanks,
>  >Einar!!!!), theosophy includes the study of comparative religions anyway.

> So,
>  >could you have a go at it from the Kabalistic point of view that you
>  >specialize in, Alan? And, with Mark and Titus, I'd too like to hear
> comments
>  >resolving the Atman/Brahman vs. the anatman concepts. Thanks!!
>  >
>  >Lynn
(to which he replied)
>  Well now, how about you provide some theosophical definitions (in plain
>  English) of some theosophical terms (like Atman, or Atma, Buddhi, Manas)
>  *as you see them* and I will offer some comparisons (with commentary)
>  from Kabalist teaching ... ?

Yikes!! I see the huge thing I inadvertantly asked you as the result of my
not editing my message properly before sending it. (This is what happens when
people are given access to the Internet while under heavy medication.) My
apologies!! What I *intended* to ask you was only: what is the Kabalistic
view (the form you study) of the nature of the spiritual principle indwelling
in the Soul. ;-D

However, having created such a mess, I'll withdraw my question until I can
get back to you with the plain-English definitions you asked for atman,
anatman, buddhi, manas, etc. It may be a while because it'll require digging
in a few books, reflecting on what I find, then composing something more
coherent than my original question. Again, my apologies.


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