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Re: Messengers

Jun 02, 1997 10:28 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 05:30 PM 6/2/97 -0400, Gerald Schueler wrote:

>>But let us remember that even great religions had their day and when
>>their time was up, they were gone. One of my reasons for this line of
>>thinking is the fact that after Krishnaji started speaking, we never had a
>>charismatic leader in TS. None is in sight now either.
>A "charismatic leader" is only one type of Messenger.  Personally,
>I find Grace Knoche to be a bit charismatic (she is, IMHO, very
>"spiritual" however you want to define that term).  Or does every
>Messenger have to come through Wheaton?

    When I made the above comment, I was looking at from the historical
perspective. It was during the days of Annie Besant that TS had the highest
membership. After her, the membership dropped fairly steeply. In TS, at
least in my opinion, I have not seen any leader comparable to her. (Her
departure coincided with K becoming known to the world.) I also do I see any
one of her stature in the horizon. Hope I am wrong.

But if TS does not get a leader of Annie Besant's ability of leadership, TS
is likely to continue to be in "maintenance" mode and perhaps with further
continuing drop in the membership and closing of lodges and study centers as
we have been witnessing.


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