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Re: research question

Jun 02, 1997 03:31 PM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-01 20:12:59 EDT, Alan wrote:

> >Mark Kusek <> wrote:
>  >
>  >> Being composed of elements that partake of both Hindu and Buddhist
>  >> thought (among other things), can anyone tell me how theosophy has
>  >> resolved the difference between the traditional Hindu view of Atman and
>  >> Brahman and the quite succint refutation of these concepts by Buddhism
>  >> (for example, in the Buddhist doctrine of anatman)?
>  >
>  >> Is there some overarching theosophical perspective that reconciles this
>  >> direct philosophical opposition?
>  >
>  >I'd also be interested in what our learned list members have to say on
>  >this. (Paging scholarly, but down-to-earth Alan). But I have a general
>  >comment.
>  Not scholarly on this one, Titus!  I wold comment, however, that from an
>  outside viewpoint, there could be said to a number of theosophies, not
>  all of which are in 100% agreement, on the surface at least.  My own
>  specialist area is Kabalah, which is *a* theosophy, but different in
>  some respects from HPB and other theosophies.  And my Kabalah is
>  different in some respects from that of other Kabalists.

Well, as I saw mentioned on the awesome Icelandic TS Web site (thanks,
Einar!!!!), theosophy includes the study of comparative religions anyway. So,
could you have a go at it from the Kabalistic point of view that you
specialize in, Alan? And, with Mark and Titus, I'd too like to hear comments
resolving the Atman/Brahman vs. the anatman concepts. Thanks!!


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